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Property Taxes

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Property taxes are the primary source of operating revenue for municipalities and are used to finance local programs and services. Municipalities set tax rates according to their annual revenue requirements and issue and collect property taxes to support local services. We also collect education taxes on behalf of the Provincial Government.

Pay Your Property Taxes Online

To make an online payment to your property taxes, visit PaySimply
Service charges apply, rates are dependent on your payment method.

To pay an invoice other than property taxes online, enter your phone number followed by 00000 under Account Number, and email with the Invoice number, what the payment is for and the amount sent. 

Pre-authorized Payment Plan Authorization Form

The Township of Howick has two pre-authorized payment options available:

  • Due Date - your property tax installment will be withdrawn on the due date specified on your property tax bill
  • Monthly - Fixed monthly payments are withdrawn from your bank account on the 15th of each month or closest business day. 

To enroll, please complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Authorization Form, including uploading a void cheque or direct debit bank form. 

Tax Rate Documents

2020 Tax Rate Summary File Size: 22.03 KB Download
2021 Tax Rate Summary File Size: 22.01 KB Download
2022 Tax Rate Summary File Size: 19.80 KB Download
2023 Tax Rate Summary File Size: 23.20 KB Download


Visit to review the information MPAC has on file for your property. You can also learn how and why your property was assessed the way it was and compare your assessment with others in your neighbourhood. Look for your roll number and access key on your Property Assessment Notice to register.  You can also obtain detailed information on up to six properties MPAC believes to be comparable to yours, free of charge, by writing to:

MPAC, Attention: GRAD
PO Box 9808, Toronto ON M1S 5T9

or Fax to: 1 866 297-6703.  If you feel your assessed value as of the legislated valuation date or property classification is not correct, MPAC will review it free of charge. If you disagree with MPAC’s assessment of your property’s value and/or classification, you can ask MPAC to review the assessment to make sure that it is right. This is called a Request for Reconsideration (RfR).  Your deadline is printed on your Property Assessment Notice. If you have misplaced your 2016 Property Assessment Notice, please call us at 1 866 296-MPAC (6722). 

Starting January 19, 2016, property owners  can also visit MPAC on Thursdays from  8 am to 4 pm at Goderich Town Hall, 57 West Street Goderich ON  N7A 2K5.  The London MPAC local and toll free numbers are (519-681-6687 and 1-877-205-4216).

The vacancy rebate application program provides property tax relief to owners of vacant commercial and industrial buildings through rebates issued by municipalities  - contact the MPAC website for more information on this application.

Understanding Property Values and Property Taxes

Farm Property Tax Class

For more information on Farm Property Tax Class and the eligibility requirements, contact Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food website.

Sec 357/358 Application Form

Sections of the Municipal Act, 2001 provide municipalities with the authority to cancel, reduce or refund taxes based on specific criteria and/or increase taxes if there was an undercharge as the result of a gross or manifest error that is clerical or factual in nature.Only the property owner, the spouse of the owner, tenant, occupant or other person(s) in possession of the land may file an application for a property tax adjustment with the treasurer of the municipality.The application must be filed before February 28 of the year following the property tax year for which the application is made. 

Sec 357 358 Application Form File Size: 172.99 KB Download

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