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Open Air Burn Permits

Updated: Feb 16, 2024

Permit Types

All Rural Open-Air Burning in Howick Township requires a Permit

There are 2 types of permits available for purchase in Howick Township:

Open-Air Burn Permit - This permit is $50.00 annually and allows you to have an unlimited amount of fires conforming to the provisions of By-law 6-2024. You can register multiple properties on one Open-Air Burn Permit.

Special Exemption Burn Permit - This permit is $50.00 per instance, and allows you to have a fire that does not conform with the provisions of By-law 6-2024. Examples might include: burning the remnants of a demolished structure, a tree row, or burning in a location that is not normally acceptable. All Special Exemption Burn Permits must be approved by the Fire Chief before being issued, and are valid for 7 days at 1 address only.

How to Apply

You can register for a burn permit in person at the Municipal Office - 44816 Harriston Rd in Gorrie. Here we can accept cash, debit, and cheque as payment.

Alternatively, you can register online through our NEW online portal:

Reporting a Fire

To report an active burn, you can either register the burn on the online portal, or call the automated reporting system: 1 (888) 764-4404


Important Documents

Burn Permits com Resident Guide File Size: 7.18 MB Download
How to Register a Burn Online File Size: 697.72 KB Download
Open Air Burning By-law File Size: 119.58 KB Download

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