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Anonymous Reporting

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The Township of Howick will only respond to anonymous reports for certain violations. Complaint forms are required to initiate investigations for the majority of violations within the Township to ensure that complaints are being reported truthfully, and for no vexatious purposes.

Acceptable situations for anonymous complaints

The following complaints will be accepted through the anonymous reporting form:

  • Puppy Mills, Dog Kennels with inadequate health, safety, and welfare standards, and Dog Kennels operating without a valid license. 
  • Violations of the Property Standards By-law that pose an immediate danger to the health or safety of any person. In an emergency, do not use this form - dial 911. Forms submitted through the anonymous reporting page are not monitored 24/7. 

Any complaint submitted that does not fit one of the above types of complaints will not be investigated by the Township. The Township will have no means to contact you for follow up. If there is not sufficient information provided in the form, the complaint will not be investigated by the Township.

Anonymous Reporting Form

Address of concern - an exact address is required for an inspection to occur