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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Howick Township offers a range of opportunities for businesses, including a supportive economic development program, access to key transportation routes, and a skilled workforce, making it an attractive location for investment and growth.

About The Township of Howick


Howick is one of the four Huron County Townships created out of the Queen's Bush by the Wilkinson survey of 1847.  The Township is the most northeasterly of the County, bounded on the north by the Municipality of South Bruce, on the east by the Town of Minto in Wellington, on the south by the Municipality of North Perth and on the west by Morris-Turnberry in Huron. 


The population of Howick Township as reported by MPAC Dec 2011 was 3,882.  Today, the Township of Howick is a predominately rural municipality. Urban settlement in the municipality is located in the Villages of Fordwich, Gorrie and Wroxeter, as well as in the hamlets of Belmore and Lakelet. The majestic Maitland River winds through the Township and flows through each of the Villages.

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