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Exotic Animals

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The Exotic Animals By-law prohibits owning, importing, selling, and displaying exotic animals in the Township. Exotic Animals are defined as any animal listed below.

Class of AnimalsCommon Name – Examples
All Venomous ArachnidsTarantulas
All Venomous ArthropodsScorpion
All Artiodactyl Ungulates (except domestic goats, sheep, pig, cattle, antelope, llamas, alpacas)Camel, Giraffes
All Canidae (other than common dog)Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Coyote or hybrids
All ChiropteraeBat
All CrocodylidaeAlligator, Crocodile
All EndentatesAnteater, Armadillo, Sloth
All Felids (other than common cat)Leopard, Lion, Tiger, Lynx, Panther, Puma, Cheetah, Jaguar, Bobcat     
All HerpestidaeMongoose
All HyaenidaeHyena
All Insectivora (except hedgehog)Shrews, Moles
All MarsupialiaBandicoot, Kangaroo, Opossum, Koala, Wombat
All MephitidaeSkunk
All Mustelidae (except domestic ferrets)Marten, Polecat, Weasel, Otters, Badgers, Mink, Wolverine
All Perissodactyl Ungulates (except domestic horse, donkey, mule or jackass)Zebra, Rhinoceroses, Tapir
All PinnipediaeSeal, Walrus, Sea Lion
All Non-Human PrimatesApe, Lemur, Monkey, Gorilla
All ProboscideaElephant
All ProcyonidaeCoati, Raccoon, Ringtails
All Raptors (except ostrich, emus)Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Vulture, Falcon
All Ratites (except ostrich, emus)Cassowary, Rheas
All UrsidaeBear
All Venomous ReptiliaVenomous Snake, Lizard
All Serpentes of the families Pythonidae and BoidaePython, Boa, Anaconda
All ViverridaeCivet

Note: The common names referred to in the right-hand column are some of the names of animals referred to in the left-hand column of this schedule. The common name is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to limit the extent of the classes of animals referred to. 

A venomous animal shall be considered venomous notwithstanding the animal has undergone a surgical procedure to remove or inhibit its production of venom.


The following general exemptions apply to the keeping of exotic animals in the Township:

  • veterinary hospitals under the care of a licensed veterinarian;
  • designated pounds or shelters; 
  • premises registered as research facilities pursuant to the Animals for Research Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.A.22, as amended; 
  • farms involving alternative livestock animals where such use is permitted by the Township of Howick Zoning By-law and providing that the animals are kept in a secure, humane and escape-proof cage, tank or enclosure.

Any person may request an exemption from Council from provision(s) of the exotic animal by-law. Applications may be made by making a delegation request at a council meeting. Council may impose conditions on any exemption. 

By-Law Documents

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