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Kennel Licence Application

Updated: Jan 17, 2024

If you require a kennel license, please contact Josh Kestner, By-Law Enforcement / Canine Control Officer for an inspection at 519-335-3202 and complete the form below.

Name of Kennel Owner
Dog Information
Dog Information

Please review the Canine Control By-law No. 52-2022 and refer to Section 4 regarding Kennels to ensure compliance requirements. In order to obtain a Kennel Licence, your kennel must first be inspected by Howick’s Canine Control Officer. You may contact Canine Control Officer directly for the inspection at 519-335-3202. Once an inspection has been completed and a report has been received and approved, a Kennel Licence will be issued. A Kennel Licence will not be issued if an inspection has not been completed or the inspection proved the kennel unacceptable as per the Kennel Code of Practice.

Please remit the fee as applicable (Kennels with 10 or fewer dogs: $200. Kennels with 11 or more dogs: $200 + $25 for each dog after 10 ie. 15 dogs = $325) made payable to The Township of Howick and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of Kennel Licence.

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Josh Kestner By-law Enforcement/Property Standards/Canine Control Officer