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Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Authorization Form

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Please fill out the below form in its entirety in order to have Pre-Authorized payments set up for your property taxes. You may choose to pay monthly, or only on tax installment due dates. You must also upload either a picture of a void cheque, or pre-authorized debit form from the bank for the bank account you would like payments to be taken from. If the bank account is in more than one name, all parties must sign granting permission for the payments to be made.

Pre-authorized Payment Plan Authorization Form

Mailing Address
Financial Institution Information
Address of Financial Institution
Type of Plan 
Select your option 

I/we the undersigned hereby authorize the Township of Howick and the financial institution designated below to begin deductions for my/our preauthorized payment for property taxes.

It is acknowledged that in order to revoke/cancel this agreement the Customer must provide written notice to the Township of Howick 10 days prior to the payment date.

The Township of Howick may also revoke/cancel this agreement upon written notice to the Customer or after 2 missed payments.

This Authorization applies only to a method of payment and cancellation of this Authorization does not mean that the Customer’s contractual obligations to the Township of Howick are ended.

The Customer will notify the Township of Howick promptly in writing if there is any change in the information below.

Returned payments are subject to the “returned cheque fee” as per Fees and Charges By-law.

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For Joint Accounts, all parties must sign this

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