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Canine Control

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Effective 2017: Permanent dog tags and invoices will automatically be sent out to dog owners and there will be no early discount. Dog tag prices are as follows: 1st dog $30, second dog $50 and third dog $100. Every owner of a dog shall obtain a tag within 10 days of taking possession of a dog. Kennels with 4-10 dogs: $200. Kennels with 11 or more dogs: $200 plus $25 for each dog after the first 10. The Township will maintain a dog tag registry containing current details on the animal and issue an annual charge. If you do not receive an invoice, please call the office. It will be the dog owner’s responsibility to contact the municipal office.


Dogs over the age of 12 weeks must be licensed on or before March 31st of each year. Where an owner obtains a dog after March 31st, the dog must be licensed within 10 days. A late payment fee of 2x the normal fee will apply in the event that an owner does not license their dog within the time period shown. Owners may be fined for failing to license their dog.

What does my license fee pay for?

License fees help support the Canine Control/By-law Enforcement department's operations. In addition, license fees pay for lost and found dog services, pound services, animal control supplies, dog tag fees, etc. 

What benefit does having a dog tag provide me?

Did you know that 60% of pet owners have lost their pet at least once in their lifetime? The Township provides animal control services including the pickup and boarding of stray dogs. Registering and licensing your dog with the Township helps Canine Control Officers identify your dog and return them to you if they manage to escape. If your dog is lost and is found, Canine Control Officers look for a dog tag to identify the dog. If the dog is wearing a tag, the officer will contact the owner of the dog and drop the dog off for you, or put you in contact with the person who found your dog to arrange pickup, free of charge. Without a dog dog, your dog will be picked up by the officer and delivered to the pound facility to be boarded. To redeem your dog, payment is required including a $100 reclaim fee plus mileage, as well as the pound's daily boarding fee. The pound will not release the dog until all fees have been paid, and until the dog has been licensed with the Township.

The Township has placed a limit of 3 dogs within a property, location, or dwelling. Any person wishing to own more than 3 dogs must apply for a Kennel License or for an exemption from the Canine Control Tribunal. 

An exception to this rule is made for Livestock Guardian Dogs and Herding Dogs. If you own or are looking to own Livestock Guardian or Herding Dogs, please contact the Canine Control Officer to determine if you qualify for the exemption. 

Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times whenever they are off the property of the owner or the property of a person who consents to the dog being there. 

Please remember that while you may know what behaviours or reactions your dog may have around other animals or people, you do not know how other dogs may react to your dog. If your dog runs up to another dog to play with it while it is off-leash, not only is that a "provoking factor" in any investigation into a dog bite or attack, if the other dog has had previous experiences with aggressive dogs it may become defensive. You as the owner may be responsible for the attack even if your dog gets injured, and you may be limiting your ability to recover costs under the Dog Owners' Liability Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. D.16 ( if your dog or yourself gets injured. For more information about the Dog Owners' Liability Act, click on the "Dog bites and attacks" button.

The owner and/or person having possession and control of a dog may be fined if their dog is found off-leash in any place other than a place listed above, such as at a park, on a trail, on the street or sidewalk, or on a persons property without their consent. 

Dog owners and any person having possession and control of a dog are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. 

When on property other than your own, you are required to immediately remove excrement left by a dog, and may be fined for failing to do so.

When on your own property, you are required to remove and dispose of dog excrement in a timely manner. Where the excrement is disturbing the enjoyment, comfort, or convenience of any other person (such as attracting pests or causing a smell) you may be fined for failing to do so. 

We understand that dogs bark and make noise to communicate with other dogs and with humans. Every person has a right to peaceful enjoyment of their property. Please keep this in mind when it comes to barking or similar noises from dogs. 

Factors such as the time of day, the length of time, and proximity to other people can affect a person's ability to enjoy their property. 

No owner or person harbouring a dog shall allow a dog to bark, whine or yelp excessively. You may be fined if it is shown that there is a consistent pattern of excessive noise caused by your dog. 

If you are looking for help controlling your dogs barking, consider actions such as limiting the amount of time your dog is left outside unattended, and/or using tools such as bark collars. Bark collars have various settings including beeping and vibrating settings that can be tailored to the needs of the dogs. Persistent use of the collar is necessary to see success with these products. 

The Township has many resources to investigate and handle dog bites or attacks in the Township. Please submit a complaint to the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer if you have been involved in an incident with a dog that bites, attacks, or displays menacing behaviour. 

Call 911 in an emergency when any life is in immediate danger, such as when an animal attack results in serious injury to people or other animals that requires emergency medical attention.

The Dog Owners' Liability Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. D.16 ( provides that the owner of a dog is responsible for any damages caused by their dog. Where a dog bites, attacks, or displays menacing behaviour towards a person or domestic animal, the owner may be charged. Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are Peace Officers and can enforce the provisions of the Dog Owners Liability Act. In addition, if you or your animal was injured or if any damages were caused by the dog, you may be able to recover those costs through civil action under the Dog Owners' Liability Act. 

The Canine Control By-law No. 52-2022 provides Municipal Law Enforcement Officers further authorities to designate dogs as "potentially vicious" or "vicious" where the investigation finds that a dog bit, attacked, or displayed menacing behaviour towards a person or domestic animal. When a dog is designated under the by-law, the owner will be served with a notice of designation. The owner is provided with 15 days to appeal the designation to the Canine Control Tribunal. A dog that is designated is required to be muzzled whenever off the property of the owner and must be contained within a building or fenced area when on the owner's property. The owner of a designated dog is required to post warning signs, and is responsible for complying with all of the restrictions in section 8.

If you no longer have a dog, please contact us so that we may amend our records. If your dog's tag is lost, please visit the Municipal Office to purchase a replacement tag.

By-Law Documents

Please remember that all dogs within Howick must be tagged. We encourage every owner to read Howick's Canine Control By-law which outlines these regulations.

Canine Control By-law File Size: 791.95 KB Download
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