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Public Notice of Pesticide Use

Updated: May 23, 2024


The Township of Howick intends to control noxious weeds along the following municipal roadsides through spot spraying where noxious weeds have been identified.

The Following Township of Howick Road Sides

Adams Line from Amberley Road (Co.Rd.86) to C-Line Road

Johnston Line from Amberley Road (Co.Rd.86) to C-Line Road

Creamery Road from C-Line Road 3rd Line

C line from McDonald to County Road 28

Spencetown Road from C-Line Road to 5th Line

Quarry Line from C-Line Road to Gough Road

McIntosh Line from Perth Road 178 (Co.Rd.34) to Gough Road

Toll Gate Line from Perth Road 178 (Co.Rd.34) to Gough Road

Malcolm Line from Perth Road 178 (Co.Rd.34) to Gough Road

Mud Lake Line S from Perth Road 178 (Co.Rd.34) to Gough Road

Short Line from Perth Road 178 (Co.Rd.34) to dead end

All locations where herbicides will be applied are in rural areas along a highway in which the public has general right of access, but the application does not include any area intended for pedestrian access nor areas where the public is invited to stop such as rest areas or picnic areas.

The Township of Howick intends to control noxious weeds identified along the right-of-way locations noted above using the following pesticides under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada):

  • ClearView Herbicide (Registration No. 29752), containing the active ingredients: Aminopyralid, present as potassium salt, and Metsulfuron methyl. 
  • Hasten NT Ultra Spray Adjuvant (Registration No. 31760), containing the active ingredients: Methyl and ethyl oleate (esterified vegetable oil). 
  • Navius FLEX Herbicide (Registration No. 30922), containing the active ingredients: Metsulfuron – methyl and Aminocyclopyrachlor. 
  • Gateway Adjuvant (Registration No. 31470), containing the active ingredients: Paraffinic Oil, and Alkoxylated alcohol non-ionic surfactants. 

Anyone not wishing to have the roadside adjacent to their property treated for noxious weeds should contact Dean Nicholson at the Township of Howick 519-335-3208 ext. 5.

Note:  It is the responsibility of the property owner requesting no spray to contact the person listed above each calendar year prior to the application of weed spray. Property owners requesting no spray will be responsible for all noxious weeds on the road allowance adjacent to their property. 

We are controlling noxious weeds under Public Works Exception of the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban for the promotion of public health or safety.

Commencing May 27, 2024, weather permitting and ending approximately June 30, 2024.

For information call (Collect Calls will be accepted):

Dean Nicholson
Howick Township
519-335-3208 ext 5


Steve Ford
Green Stream